Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sorting and Using Materials (III)

Today, the third lesson on the topic...
First, we have made predictions about which material would let more water through

These are our predictions.

Finally, we did the VIRTUAL EXPERIMENT, and our predictions were not very accurate. Our only correct prediction was plastic: it does not let any drop through.

In the graphic you can see the comparison between our predictions an the results of the experiment. 
What I like most, as a teacher, about this resource, is how easy it is to talk about these topics using the English language in a "real context" and making it possible to use language to speak about difficult content in a significant way. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Using and Sorting Materials (II)

This is the second lesson on the topic... (LESSON 1)

Students produced some beautiful sentences, i.e.:

"A kite is made of plastic because it is light."

Monday, 16 April 2018

This is me!

Here I leave some drawings of myself, by my second grade students.
That's how they see me...

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sorting and Using Materials

I have used VIRTUAL EXPERIMENTS years 1&2 with my second grade students. 
They were able to produce wonderful sentences, such as: 
"A climbing frame is made of metal because it is hard."

(I include a screenshot for reference)

Thursday, 29 March 2018

First Lego League Junior Grand Final

Once again, the JUNIOR teams of our school SANTISIMA TRINIDAD gave us the opportunity to attend LEGO LEAGUE GRAND FINAL SPAIN. 

We visited workshops and they showed us how water resources are managed...

we even used a rain gauge.

We also defended our projects (three altogether) in front of the audience...

We received honorable mentions for our work.

And we also had time to play!!!!

Thank you very much for making us enjoy the great work of other children from all over Spain.

Feeling proud of you all!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

There are six people next to the road.

My second grade students have written sentences using the vocabulary they have learned throughout the unit. We have used LEGO STORY STARTER so that they could represent the reality described in the sentence, making the activity completely contextualized and significant for the students. It was a perfect match, as they were using the structure "THERE IS/THERE ARE.." and PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE
In the pictures you can see the wonderful results... It was not only writing "THERE ARE six people NEXT TO the road," but also building that sentence in a literal way...


In Social Sciences we have learned that SERVICES are something that people do for us... For example:


street cleaners...

police officers...

or schools...

On the other hand, GOODS  are something made or grown that we buy, such as for example, 


or the supermarket items that we buy...

Here you can see people queuing at the supermarket.

or having dinner at a restaurant...

We decided to represent shops in our neighbourhood, so we planned very carefully what places should be included...

and how to represent them in our mini "scale models" of the neighbourhood...

We started working on our models!

And here they are...

Playing with mathematics.

Here are some games to motivate students with mathematics.

1. Addition using LEGO. 

2 tens and 6 units + 1 ten and 5 units...

= 3 tens and 11 units

then, we group the units: 4 tens and 1 unit.

2. Paper fortune teller + dice.

We write multiplications on the fotune teller paper and roll the dice...

3. Plastic cups. 

They are perfect to represent HUNDREDS, TENS and UNITS. 

4. Mental calculation.

I use popsicle sticks to match a pair of students...
I say a number, then roll the dice and we add it or substract it. 
The fastest student passes to the next round.